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 Tooth Decay

It may surprise you to learn that Dr. Clifton is looking for more than tooth decay when he examines your mouth. He can detect other medical issues, deficiencies and diseases just by looking for the following clues.



  • A particular mouth odor can signal diabetes.
  • Certain breathing disorders can lead to heart attacks.
  • Airway blockages can affect ADHD and hearing.
  • Tooth misalignment can lead to headaches and TMJ.
  • Tooth erosion can indicate gastric reflux and stomach cancer.

In addition, Dr. Clifton checks your mouth for tonsil disease, tooth infections that can affect artificial heart valves and hip and knee implants, and for missing teeth that prevent proper chewing which then limits variety in diet
and also can cause choking.

To make an appointment with Dr Clifton, call (937) 325-9213 or email by clicking here.


Dr Gene A Clifton, DDS
908 N Fountain Ave
Springfield, OH 45504